Krazy Kelly. Bold Performing.

Setting up a new Performative Platform

BERlin nights at home

1st Edition, Anno 2017

Berlin Nights at Home _ 1st Edition
A new Platform with music and performance out of Berlin,
now at Home, Belgium.

To start off right away with the crème de la crème of the hidden treasures from this city, we proudly present:

Aka-E ( )
Doktor Santana
Krazy Kelly

Every one brings their own work, yet finely mended together to in the end come together in a Grand Finale Piece, made especially and only for this Tour.

HerTz = Periodische Schwingungen.
Trilling = herhaalde omkering van de bewegingsrichting.
Wave = disturbance that transfers energy through matter or space.

From Berlin, now here.
Don’t miss it, it’s unique.

14.07 20h Zomerzaal/Salle d’été Muntpunt Grand café, Brussel
15.07 20h Beautiful Planet, Antwerpen
16.07 11h Oesterbar by Bold, Kortrijk


Surrealisme at the Leie, at Oesterbar BOLD