traditional cv


1995 – 2001 Don Bosco-college Kortrijk (Be): Latin und Modern Languages

2001 – 2005 University of Antwerp (Be): English und German Literature and Linguistics and Theatre science

MA with distinction (Thesis: Rhythm in Theatre)

2004 – 2005 Foreign exchange scholarship (Erasmus) at The FU Berlin

2005 – 2007 University Ghent: Diploma Academic teacher-training

2009 Project management at the Civil Academy, Berlin

2018. 2. Dan Aikido, Aikikai Tokyo- Chr. Tissier, 8. Dan. with Michel Erb, 6. Dan at Dojo Südstern: J-M Milleville, 6..Dan


Performative work

Aktuelle Tätigkeit

seit 2017 Research und verschiedene Performances zum Thema der mythologischen Wasserfrau-Figuren in Berlin und im Ausland (Be, Prt, Ir, Br)

seit 2019 „Kultur vor der Haustür in der Weißen Siedlung. Performative Workshops mit BRAND e. V.

seit 2018 Das ist doch Zukunftsmusik! ein Soziokulturelles Elektro-Musikprojekt, gefördert vom BKJ „Kultur macht Stark“, mit Artistania e.V., dem Jugendclub Joju23, NeNa und dem Young Arts Neukölln e.V.

seit 2012 Durchführung von verschiedenen experimentelle Storytelling-AGs in Grund- und Ober/Gesamtschulen, sowie im Young Arts Neukölln, Berlin.




Dez      Theaterprojekt mit der Brüdergemeinde und PassaPorte e.V, Berlin: Theater der Religionen: Das transreligiöse Konzept des Friedens


Sept     Performerin beim Performance-Parcours “bau! haus! wem?” von BRAND e.V. in der Gropiusstadt


Juli/Aug     A Mulher Profunda: Vertiefung der Meereshexe mit Mariana Dias Jorge (Tanz), Paula Rebellato (Electronics), Rodrigo Hara (E-Bass), Esdras Oliveira (Drums)

26 Julho associação cultural Cecilia , Sao Paulo

10 Agosto Casa Popular de cultura M’Boi Mirim, Sao Paulo


Mai 2019 Aufführung „Lieder der Meeresfrauen“, Treppe Kindl-Gelände, Sprachwoche Berlin.



Stimmenmeer 2 at Kindl-Treppe, Neukölln, Berlin

Stimmenmeer at Schaubude Berlin

Deep sea songs 3 at itz / Snack in the Oasis _ Rixdorf – the neukoelln edition-

Deep sea songs 2 at Frauenfrühstück Flughafenkiez

Deep sea songs 2 at aviatrix


Dez: Deep Sea Songs at Artenschutztheater, (Berlin)

Okt: Sea Witch at Levensboom, Kortrijk (Be)

July: Sea Performance at Jardins Efémeros, Viseu (Pt)

1. Edition Performance Platform Berlin Nights at Home: Tour in Bxl, Antwerp, Kortrijk (Be)

Sea Performances at Galway Bay, Slieve League, Mazen Head (Ir)

Apr: Tour KILOFON in Niedersachsen at Hameln and Hildesheim


Dez EVERY HAIR TELLS ITS STORY, at Performing Artists’ Café

Oct EVERY HAIR TELLS ITS STORY, Performance with Citlali Sanchéz, working out “Experience of having hair”, experimenting further with gestures, mythical figures, poses, archaic languages, myths and projections. At Hauser Dramatische Republik, Theatertage Festival.

July PHENIX and LIVING DRESS: environmental performances with Citlali Sanchéz, interacting on playgrounds and squares, transforming the garbage into silver in Neukölln Richardkiez, Drory-Nachbarschaftsfest.

June STREET BIRDS: “Bird Messengers” : Public interventions in Neukölln: WALKING PORTRAIT, performance with Citlali Sanchéz, based on Antigone: showing the deconstructed and reconstructed sides of women, looking for the truth. At 48St-Neukölln Arts Festival

May EXPERIENCE OF HAVING HAIR II, with Bass Player Richard Müller, at K77, Performing Art Festival.

April EXPERIENCE OF HAVING HAIR I, with Percussionist Tivadar Nimesi, Performance with auto-biographical roots, diving into personal associations and memories, but finding archetypical characters. At Wrangelkiez Court festival

Feb/Ma Tour KILOFON in Niedersachsen at LOT Braunschweig, Kindertheaterhaus Hannover, Theaterhaus Hildesheim


KILOFON: ICH HAB’ DAS DUNKEL NOCH IM OHR. Second Production, in which we questioned the connotations and meanings of Light and darkness in many cultures. In cooperation with and première at the Schaubude Berlin and on Tour IMPROVISATION PERFORMANCE at Improvisation Xchange Berlin Festival, Eden


XCHANGE, street performance with Heike Kuhlmann. Based upon Contact Impro and BMC, we were transforming our associations upon free market and the unequalities of human immigration and emigration laws, using the banana box as symbol for this world wide exchange product.

FREISTIL, PETUNIEN: Improvisational performance series at Tanzfabrik and Uferstudios


KILOFON: Founding of the music theatre collective. First production SEE:SUCHT, Object music theatre, at JOJO, Leipzig and on Tour in Sachsen: wanting to bring the theatre to villages where there still are no theatres, wanting to bring the sea with theatrical means to children who have never been there.

FRINGES Music project : Based on poems of EE Cummings with Frieda Gawenda and Felix Koch at Idanowhere, Berlin

2012 LET’S TALK ABOUT CLOUDS: Performance with Igor Souza (concept and stage design), Frieda Gawenda (performance) and Eike Wesenberg (sound). Questioning more closely the body itself as well as our voices as participants in human interactions. How much individuality, how much reproduction or reflexion can we see? At Sowieso, Berlin

2011 TRES: Object book with Igor Souza, deepening our encounters in Brazil and Europe, deepening the understandings between writings and drawings, lines and letters, sounds and colors. At the gallery RV, Salvador de Bahia, editor Caderno Listrado, Brazil other Releases in Brazil: Curitiba: 22 de setembro: Itiban and São Paulo: 24 de setembro: Choque Cultural

SOLÉTUDES: the performative score for 4 voices to “read aloud” the book TRES. Made out of various visual notations to find rhythms, sounds, meanings to guide the performers on an instant composition. Performed at Mechanic, Antwerp at the Europalia Festival Brazil , with Jan Bijvoet, Richard Müller, Frieda Gawenda and Fiona Kelly, at the Gallery Supalife!, Berlin and at Sowieso, Berlin with Richard Müller, Mathias Baresel, Frieda Gawenda and Fiona Kelly

2010 MINIUSINA NEUKÖLLN: An on-growing visual and auditive installation at the Gallery Präsenzwerk, Berlin. In cooperation with Igor Souza and Marcos Nunez (SSA, Br) and Franziska Bornkamm (de) we were looking for the encounter with the place and the people living in it. The vernissage was the empty beginning, the finissage the destruction of what was built inside of the time and space.

2009 FAUST SONNENGESANG, a poem film by Werner Fritsch: Assistance of

2008 KAIARA: Music theatre play, together with the classical Wood quartet Sirius, with Ravel’s Music “Contes de mère l’Oye”, t ogether with Catherine Vansteenkiste I rewrote the text, based upon my experiences in Brazil.

At Vlaamse Opera Gent, Flygey Brussels


Educational/social projects:


Dez Pilotprojekt „Werkstatt Diversität“, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln, Young Arts NK und Campus Rütli

Herbst Verschiedene Literatur/Storytelling-Workshops im Rahmen vom Internationalen Literaturfestival Berlin, Helene-Nathan-Bibliothek und das Wissenschaftsjahr

Sommer Konzeption und Durchführung Großpuppenworkshops Imap Ukuá in Neukölln (mit Artistania e.V. und Boddinschule), gefördert vom Bezirksamt Neukölln (Fördersäule 3)

2017 – 2019 Koordination und Durchführung Musikangebot bei der „Netten Ecke“, ein soziokulturelles Projekt von Artistania e.V., gefördert vom QM Flughafenstr, Projektsfonds 2.

2018 – 2019 “Geschichten Gestalten; gib einer Geschichte Deine Gestalt”, ein Soziokulturelles Storytelling-Projekt, gefördert vom BKJ „Kultur macht Stark“, im Bündnis mit Amaro Foro e.V., der Boddinschule und dem Young Arts Neukölln e.V.



Geschichten Gestalten: Gib einer Geschichte Dein Gesicht (BKJ Kultur macht stark)

Das ist doch Zukunftsmusik! (Bkj Kultur macht stark)

Musikworkschopreihe “Nette Ecke”, Artistania, QM Flughafenstr

Kurs Story Telling, Young Arts Neukölln

Theaterprojekt Imap Ukuá, Hermann-Boddin-Schule

Workshops Literatur in Bewegung, Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin

Theaterkurse in Berliner Grundschulen

03. – 12/2017 Concept and Realisation of workshops Construction of Giant Puppet for Street Theatre Das versteckte Schultier in Neukölln (with Artistania e.V.)

2016 – 2017 Concept and Realisation of Schattengewächse, a social cultural Shadow theatre project, funded by BKJ „Kultur macht Stark“.

2012- now          THEATERworkshops constructing Giant puppets/Costumes/Masks/Decor, ‘playing roles and learning to improvise at Boddinschule

2016 PHENIX QUEEN COMES: performative interactions about transforming garbage into silver, ending with the giant puppet of the Phenix on the neighborhood party, cooperation with Löwenzahlschule and Intercultural theatre centre (itz)

RHYTHM and COMMUNICATION in performative actions in Willkommensklassen of the Boddinschule

2015 TRAVELLERS 3: co-coordination of performance group with youth of Berlin and refugees, at itz

RHYTHM courses at the “Willkommensklassen” of the Boddinschule

2014 GRENZENLOSE FREIHEIT: workshop Giant Puppets with performance about the Fall of the Berlin Wall, at Arena Mauerpark

13-16 DRUMMOBILE: concept, coordination and execution of this music 3-Year project, constructing and re-constructing 2 Drummobiles as well as founding a children’s performance band. Weekly rehearsals and yearly several concerts (Herdelezi, Nachbarschaftsfeste, Interkulturelle Kinderfeste, Kinderparade, Kinderkarnaval der Kulturen, Heimathafen) in cooperation with Amaro Foro e.V., Young Arts NK e.V. and Boddinschule, funded by BKJ

2011 DRACHENOPER: constructing the main Character of the Brazilian theatre play “O floresta e os seus segredos” according to the Berlin community in Neukölln, with percussionist Fabiano Lima, at Boddinschule, Performance at Nachbarschaftsfest

AMARO FORO: coordination Children’s programm for Roma and not-Roma

08-09 Teaching refugees at Don Bosco-college Brussels

06-08 PANELAFRO: monthly Afro-brazilian festival

ESPIRITO DE ZUMBI: participation and coordination of the cultural performance group percussion, dance, theatre

FLOR DE LIS: co-coordination of the elderly ladies group regarding music, theater and dance

all at Casa Popular de cultura M’Boi Mirim, Piraporinha São Paulo, Brazil

O FLORESTA E OS SEUS SEGREDOS: coordination and writing of the Theatre play based on the scenes of Ravel’s Contes de mére l’Oye, but transferring them to their own realities. These stories became the material for the following music-theatre play KAIARA in Belgium. at Movimento Comunitário Cristo Libertador (Centre for 60 underprivileged children and youths in the favelas of Jd São Francisco, SP

STREET ART: Supporting the Graffiti group (15-26 ys) at Cidade Escola Aprendiz (a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) at Vila Madalena, SP MÃE TERRA a music-theatre play with 100 kids, coordination of the international volunteers at Monte Azul , R. Steiner Centre in the favelas of Capão Redondo