Miniusina Neukölln 2010


An on-growing visual and auditive installation at the Gallery Präsenzwerk, Berlin. In cooperation with the visual artists Igor Souza and Marcos Nunez (SSA, Br).


Literally opening the intimate working space of the artists, we were gathering fragments of the neighbourhood by inviting the inhabitants to come in form of simple chats, open Jam sessions or free concerts and performances, to share and compare live with each other.


It started with an almost empty vernissage (reflecting the almost empty minds): unknown to the audience, only some residues of associations about Brazil and questions about the presence here or elsewhere, filled the space.






A sound installation inside the construction was reflecting the thoughts, sounds and conversations we had. The audience could enter and go through this construction, offering from every angle new perspectives visually as well as auditive.

Photos by Igor Souza and Fiona Kelly

The finissage was the public destruction performance of what was built during the residency: A huge Skeleton filled with different small lives, visualizing our impressions of the period here.