Drumming and the DRUMMOBILES

2019- 2022 Elektro-zukunfts-mobil

das ist doch UNSERE Zukunft?!!!


Workshops und Aktivitäten in Neukölln und Berlin: Meldet euch an!

Unsere Zukunft klingt gerade so:

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Was wünschen wir uns für die Zukunft? Was brauchen wir, um UNSERE Musik IMMER und ÜBERALL spielen zu können?

2018 spacemobil

And the Beat goes on! a new Space-Drum-Mobile is been created during the workshops of the community Project “Die Nette Ecke”, Neukölln

2013-16: Drummobile im Neuköllner kiez

The Drummobile project, part of the Music program Vernetzende Musikkurse im Neuköllner Kiez (Funding by BKJ, Kunste öffnen Welte) was conceptualised to enable kids out of discriminated social groups here in the Western European society to discover and develop their creative and especially musical talents.

In close cooperation with Amaro Foro, the ONG for Roma and non-Roma, the Hermann-Boddinschule and Young Arts – Neukölln, we offered twice a week regular courses in which they could play several instruments (starting with percussion) to finally form a performance set to present their own music program on summer festivals throughout Berlin. To stimulate the oneness of this extremely heterogeneous group – existing out of many different cultural or international subgroups, boys and girls, with the age ranging from 6 to 14 years old – we’ve constructed two Drummobiles. Here the focus was clearly to come and present ourselves on the festivals as our “Roki Harmony”. On stage every one presented his or her own songs.

The goal of these Drummobiles was to mix traditional instruments with new invented instruments out of all kinds of materials, as long as the sound was good enough to play with. We encouraged them in the weekly meetings to discover the wide, wild world of sounds across the common instruments. The fact that they constructed it themselves was as important to create this relation between them and these objects that finally became such a big attraction on the streets. The kids had to be proud of themselves, that they were the ones who created their songs, performances and these Object Instruments, the Drummobiles.

2015-6 Drum-Ark

2014-15 Drumschiffmobil

2013-14: the 2 motherships, made by N.U. UNRUH

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