Tree leaves. waiting to be opened.
Three in a canoe on a river.
Time folds by and everything continues to develop, on and off and on.
Defauld us.


TRES: Object book with Igor Souza, Salvador de Bahia, editor Caderno Listrado and RV Cultura e Arte, Brazil 2011




Looking for a deeper understanding of the own culture and art form -painting and performance- we decided to create a multi-facet storyline in form of an object book that can only be “read” by playing: One needs to find out by himself how to unfold and fold it, deconstruct and reconstruct its universes.








It is a game of cultures for the creators as well as for the users. The way each one decods the relation between gesture and words, the multiple sounds that may exist in a single moment or in a likewise sequence of letters make the accent jump and take a boat to go to another language frontier. In this way we find each other, and give us time. Folds of time.

TRES is a folding game that reveals the relation between humanity and nature, that creates a nonlinear feeling of time and leaves behind the orders that may appear among sounds, words, languages. Still, opposing the Tower of Babel and therefore proposing a new dimension where different meanings mix together in harmony. Meeting points where the reader is misguided by his habitual understandings and invited to look again and find other interpretations of the already assumed.


Press_Textura e movimento no livro-objeto Tres | Cítrica

lançamentos de três

Curitiba, 22 de setembro: Itiban
São Paulo, 24 de setembro: Choque Cultural
Berlim, 15 de outubro: Supalife!
Antuérpia, 19 de outubro: Mekanik