Hairs are Lines that tell

1 – Masks of Hair:

Fotos by Tivadar Nimesi

An on-going research-Lab in which I create Moving Body Sculptures. They emerge out of personal inner movement patterns and gain an “objective” shape, an “external representation form”. Perceiving their intentions, images, pulse, breath and sounds, I tell their stories. I translate those “inside-outside masks” using mythological subjects. To mend those different narrations together is the core of my performative work: I Look for the Rhythm of the transformation between the different Characters and how they can dissolve in the actual physical space of the Performance. 

2 – Every Hair HAs a story

A Performance with Citlali Huezo Sanchéz.

It could be an Ariadne and an Antigone.

Whereas the one is wandering in her labyrinth, reflecting upon her life and how she got there, it is the other one who actually opens and closes those rooms by adding light or darkness. Is she giving comments from outside to the situations Ariadne is living? What is she saying?

Body sculptures move between worlds of light, darkness and shadows. Two women, both in different forms of matter, both in different kinds of labyrinths, dissolve as one into the picture of the place.

We retell myths by giving ourselves in to the conjunction of metaphor, bodily sensations, personal memories and the present image. This provides us the intensity and “real time” interpretation of our mythological characters.

at Theatertage Festival in Hauser Dramatische Republik, 02.10.2016 Berlin

and at the Artist’s Café, K77, 02.12.2016, Berlin


Fotos out of Video by Ayman Hamadeh