SOLÉTUDES inside moviementos for four: a performative score for 4 voices – the live soundtrack of the object book TRES.


Solétudes is the musical interpretation of the visual score “to read aloud” the “story” and its universe of TRES. It is a game in which the musicians have to unfold the score together with the object book TRES and follow the graphic signs of the map/score and interpret them instantly.  Their produced rhythms, sounds, meanings open up the scenes (folds) of the book and thus allow the audience to undergo and share this “reading” with other eyes and ears. Sound and Sign are one.


Performed at

Supalife! Gallery, Berlin November 2012, with Mathias Baresel, Frieda Gawenda, Richard Müller and Fiona Kelly

Mechanic Gallery, Antwerp at EUROPALIA Brasil festival November 2012, with Frieda Gawenda, Richard Müller, Fiona Kelly and special guest Jan Bijvoet

Sowieso, Berlin, March 2013, with Frieda Gawenda, Richard Müller and Fiona Kelly